Thursday, March 12, 2015

Slice of Life Day 12 Teachable moments

The digital literacy conversations continue...
When texting I love using emojis! It helps to put into context short quick responses. Sometimes I even use them as a response. No words💬! I love💓💗💖Emojis! 
Today I had a conversation with my first graders about using😃. They have just discovered emojis. Being a first grade teacher I know new things are exciting and they lead to great teachable moments. Today the use of emojis became a teachable moment. 

We began by talking about the use of pictures to support writing. We then moved onto the questions "What is a comment?" And "Why do we leave a comment?" Students answered that comments help writers add to their stories, give compliments and share connections. 

We have discussed in depth this year what is feedback, why do we give feedback, how do we use feedback. Students conference giving feedback and helping each other add to their stories. 

We discussed "How do emojis support writing?", "Could emojis tell your whole story?" And "Is a emoji by itself a good comment?" Students came to the conclusion that if they were going to use emojis they would also need to add words. 
I continue to tell myself teachable moment teachable moment. Tomorrow we will continue our conversation about comments and emojis.  


  1. This is a great conversation to have with them! And the power of real comments is an important lesson for the writing community in your classroom! :-)

  2. Teaching good digital citizenship is an ongoing task. I love that your conversations focused on feedback and what the writer needs/wants from their audience. Good digital etiquette is something that can't be taught too soon or too often.

  3. They will have fun using the emojis but the words will have the most power. Sometimes I see them in messages and have no clue as to how they relate to the message.

  4. Interesting to read how you used emojis in a teachable moment. I always think of them as an extra spice but not the main course. It will be fun to see how the first graders use this information.

    1. You started the challenge and something happened! That is okay and you are still a writer! :) Do you know we write every Tuesday through out the rest of the year? Please feel free to join us on Tuesdays.