Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Slice of Life Day 4 - Authentic Writing Pieces

The Slice of Life became my mini lesson today. These authentic writing pieces have become such a powerful model for digital writing, commenting and citizenship in my classroom!(and it is only day 4!) In the classroom we have thought about how the the title of a book helps us as a Reader. Today I asked my students, "How does the title of your post help you as a writer?" 

My students came up with 
  • A creative title helps you get readers to read your post.
  • A title connects with others and you might make a new friend. 
  • A great title gets you lots of comments and feedback.
  • A creative title makes people want to read your other post or writing.
  • A regular title can get you feedback to help you make a more creative title.
I asked, "What makes a great title?"
A great title 
  • is creative
  • makes you wonder - A really great title makes you have lots of wonders!
  • matches your writing
  • can come from a line in your writing
  • hooks your reader
We then went to a Classroom Slice of Life blog and read all of the recent titles. As I read students commented "Thats creative", "Oh lets read that", and "I have been to Disney". One title received lots of wonders and hooked the class. The class begged please, please, please can we read The Only Pizza shop (Not In The World). We read the post. At the end students clapped and cheered! We had a great conversation about what was the authors message and left a comment for the author. Thanks Avah and Darby Creek Writes for your amazing posts and inspiration!

On only the forth day I am so happy that my class and I have joined this writing journey! 


  1. That's great! Your students have good ideas and so much enthusiasm!
    Slice of Life truly is authentic writing.

  2. Good for you and your class and you're right about titles. Sometimes when I'm stuck, I think of a great title and write to it.

  3. I love your idea to have your students read through the Slice of life posts for the day on the classroom SOL post. I teach sixth grade, but I think we could absolutely do the same thing, and have the same discussion. Thank you!

  4. What great mentor texts for your students! They get to see what works and what doesn't work. Then they have the challenge of creating writing that calls to readers. Now I have to read about that pizza shop. :-)