Friday, March 6, 2015

Slice of Life Day 6 - Lucky

Getting in the car one sunday afternoon my husband said, "Was that a kitten?" I looked around, "Where?" He said, "It just went around the side of the house!" To my surprise he jumped out of the car and ran around the side of our neighbors house. I went around the other side and across our neighbors deck came running a momma cat with a kitten in her mouth. She stopped and we stared at each other. Her eyes were wide with panic. The kitten wriggled out of her mouth and tried to run. The momma cat tried desperately to pick up her kitten. I walked towards them and the momma cat panicked and ducked under the deck leaving the kitten. She hid under the deck eyes still wide. I caught the kitten and the mom dashed across the yard jumped onto a neighbors fence and took one final look at her kitten. I felt bad for taking her baby! At the same time I knew the next day forecast predicted temperatures below zero with snow.

I looked at my husband and said, "What do we do now?" That night my husband and I were talking about what we would do with her. We already had a fourteen year old cat. Then I overheard my husband call the kitten "Lucky". 
It was all over... He named her Lucky!

Well as you can tell by the pictures... we kept the kitten. She was so tiny when we first got her that she fit in the palm of our hand. She is now five months old and just learning about counter tops. I compare this to a child starting to crawl. You have to go around and kiddy proof everything. Well, I am now finding myself having to kitty proof the house.
She certainly is a lucky cat!


  1. She's beautiful! Fantastic and deserving name.

  2. Truly a lucky moment for Lucky! Interesting how pets come into our lives.

  3. Hummm...sounds so familiar to me. Only in my case, it was the Momma who found me, babies still on board! Only one of the 3 babies found a different home. So 4 years later I have 3 full grown cats and a small dog. I wouldn't trade them. I bet you feel the same.

  4. Marie,
    She was Lucky to find the two of you. She has such beautiful markings.